Transmitting From Wolfsburg, Germany... Last night we played in the town of Regensburg, in the courtyard of an amazing castle owned & lived in by the local royalty. I heard the titles Prince & Princess tossed around & that they were at the show, but didn't knowingly get a glimpse of them. Our dressing rooms were inside the castle & the entire vibe was right out of an old horror movie with beautifully ornate winding staircases, flags lining the hallways, old portraits of former residents everywhere, etc. Beautiful yet creepy as darkness fell. We just arrived in Wolfsburg, the home of Volkswagen. We're staying in an area called the Autostadt which seems to be a huge industrial park that houses many auto plants along with dining areas & at least 1 museum. It's all very high tech but weird in a way in that, with all of the modernity, I'm still looking out of my window at an auto factory. (By the way, did you know that some of the car brands manufactured under the Volkswagen "group" include Bentley, Audi & Lamborghini?...I didn't!) Our show here isn't until Saturday night so, hopefully, I'll have more to report soon.

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