Transmitting From Paris, France... We arrived here yesterday after a 7 1/2 hr. bus ride. Our hotel is right above the hall we're playing (Le Palais de Congres). My room, functional more than fancy, has a beautiful view of the city as well as the Eiffel Tower & the Arc de Triomphe. Not a bad way to end the trip. Yesterday I had 3 meals in 3 different countries. Breakfast in Amsterdam, Lunch in Belgium (at a highway rest area) & dinner in Paris. Kinda cool. The only other thing worthy of note thus far is that, at the rest area, walking all over the place outdoors, were a group of chickens & hens! We were eating outside & one of the guys had some chicken for lunch. At one point someone said, "I wonder if chickens would eat chicken." Well, after throwing them a bunch of scraps, we found out that they do! If there's any more news of note before we leave for home on Sun. I'll write again, otherwise, till next time...

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