Back in NY.....YES!!!! It's great being home after being on the road for a few weeks. It's funny but, after all of the excitement of visiting & playing in European cities I've never been to, coming back to the peace of my house in the country is nice. It's very quiet up here &, once we're back in NYC, I'll miss the calm of country life after the storm of a tour. Still, I can't wait to get back to NYC!!! I wanted to mention a new CD I'm playing drums on. It's by my oldest, dearest friend, an incredible trumpeter-keyboardist-composer named Steve Lampert. We've been friends since the 4th grade & I think of him more as a brother than a friend. He's family. Anyway, he just finished his 2nd CD. It's called, "Music From There." He's going to begin shopping for a label to release it. The music is just amazing. He's heavily influenced by everyone from Miles Davis to Jimi Hendrix to composers like Webern & Schoenberg. It's very adventurous & beautiful stuff combining elements of jazz, funk & classical. If you ever see it, by all means, check it out! You can also check out his 1st CD, "Venus Perplexed" which is on Steeplechase Records & can probably be ordered at most of the online stores. I play drums on that as well. It'll be fun for those of you who only know me through "Sanctuaries" or my work with Gregory Hines or Liza to hear me do what I started out (& am still) doing which was playing jazz drums. I never thought of this site as a forum for turning visitors on to new music but that's part of the beauty of the web, isn't it? It's boundless! Till next time...

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