Transmitting From Naples, FL... We arrived here on Monday, did a show last night & are headed for Key Largo, Fla. in about 1/2 hr. I must admit that it's nice to be in some summery weather, even if it's only for a few days. It's nice to re-connect with all of my fellow road warrior friends after a few weeks off. Bittersweet, though, as we're also exchanging stories & memories of our fallen comrade Gerry Niewood. It was a bit funny doing the small bit of wiring that's needed to complete my keyboard setup. As I can't duplicate the exact setup at home, I had to rely on my memory to get it all done &, lo & behold, my 1st couple of attempts left a bit to be desired. Luckily, being the slight tech head that I am, I was able to logically solve the problem & everything worked fine after a few minutes. Nothing much more of note to report but, it anything changes, I'll let you know.

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