Still here in Athens... Did our 1st of 2 shows at Herod Atticus last night which was just amazing. I can safely say that there is not another venue like it on Earth. Just beautiful! We divided our down time between the island of Aegina, where we rented motor-scooters & whizzed around while taking in some breathtaking scenery & the amazing ruins of ancient Greece, with the Acropolis being the centerpiece. It's been a very fun trip & I even have a bit of a tan. (There never seems to be a cloud in the sky here). That's kind of rare for me as I'm not the world's biggest outdoorsman, to say the least. The real fun for me, though, will be going home tomorrow to our new NYC apartment for the 1st time. I've been working for months to make this happen & it'll be so nice to begin to reap the rewards. (Even though we'll be sharing the space with tons of boxes to unpack!). So, there you have it for now. Next week , I'll be in Moscow for a short trip. I'm sure I'll have something to say about that! Till then...

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