Transmitting from Los Angeles, CA... I'm here for the taping of the annual Chabad Telethon that airs tomorrow from 4-10PM (West Coast time). I'll be playing drums in the house band for the 3rd year in a row. It's a fun but very demanding gig in certain ways. Fun in that I usually get to re-unite with some old friends out here...demanding in that the day of the show is very long, 1st with rehearsals & then the actual broadcast which is 6 hours long with not a lot of down time for us. It's especially long tomorrow as, after the show, I'm making a mad dash to the airport to take the red-eye home. The show ends at 10PM, the flight leaves at midnight...and I've heard that it's a 35 mile drive from the TV studio to the airport. With the L.A. freeways being infamous for traffic at all times of the day or night, it seems that just 1 delay could make for a very interesting adventure. Hope everything goes smoothly!

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