Transmitting from Naples, FL... Just arrived at the last stop of this short tour. We have a night off tonight, show tomorrow & fly home on Tues. Looks like there's some serious snow headed towards NYC to greet us on our return. Fine with me! Not much to report over the last couple of days. I had a hard time with the pillows in the last hotel. They were not foam rubber, they were bricks of foam rubber! I got up 3-4 times on the 1st night of the stay there because of pillow discomfort. (This was in Tampa, FL, by the way). Here in Naples, the pillows are wonderfully feathered, just the way I like it! Another little thrill in Tampa was getting to meet Robinson Canoe of the N. Y. Yankees. I grabbed an autograph for my son who's a huge Yankee fan. He couldn't have been nicer. It's funny but I have a certain mechanism that kicks in when I'm confronted with the chance to meet a famous sports figure. I just naturally slip into autograph mode, which doesn't usually happen with famous musicians. I can't expalin why that is. Maybe it's because, as a child, I was refused an autograph by Yankee pitcher Jim Bouton at Yankee Stadium. Maybe it's my way of making up for that. Over the years I've been able to meet Muhammad Ali, Dave Winfield & Mike Tyson as well. I especially love baseball & played it a bit as a kid. Anyway, meeting Robinson Canoe was very cool & my son is eagerly awaiting the autograph back home. The shows have been going well. The new arrangements sounding better & better. I'm getting more & more used to my 2-keyboard setup. We have an Oscar pool going with the cast, band & crew tonight. I've hardly seen any of the nominated films. Seems as though, lately, I mostly am interested in seeing lower budget, independent films. There's a great new documentary on Ralph Nader that I highly recommed called "An Unreasonable Man." He is truly one of our nation's heros regardless of what you might think of his past presidential aspirations. If you get the chance, check it out. Not sure if there'll be anything more to write about in Florida. In any case, wherever I am, till next time...

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