Transmitting From Reno, NV... Here we are at Phase 2 of the Casino Tour. It was a long day of flying. I've done many trips like these before but, for some reason, today just seemed to drag on & on. A nice room, though, although it took some time to figure out how to turn on some of the lights. When it's overcast outdoors, the light from the window isn't much help but I did manage to figure it out. There were 2 lights involved. One on the desk & the larger living room-type light. The desk lamps' on/off switch seemlessly blends into the rest of it's silvery design so, if you're not looking at the exact right spot, you're sure to miss it. I came close to calling the front desk for help but was able to finally figure it out. Even more interesting was the larger lamp who's on/off switch was on the floor, kind of like a dimmer. On a brighter day it wouldn't have presented as much of a problem but with the aforementioned limited outdoor light, there I was, on hands & knees until finally finding it. So, I'm glad to report that my room is now well lit! Our show here is tomorrow & then we move on to the casino capital, Las Vegas, on Thurs. for 2 weekend shows. More soon...

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