Transmitting From NYC... Just got back a couple of hours ago from my Baltimore/Boston weekend & am pretty wiped out. Woke up this morning in my Baltimore hotel an hour late thanks to my wake-up call never coming & never receiving a call when my cab arrived to take me to the airport. If I hadn't woken up on my own, I might still be sleeping there! As it turned out, I made my flight to Boston with a little time to spare. Did the choir show there this afternoon followed by a 4 hr. bus ride back to NYC. (Chartered, not public bus, by the way). It's now around 1AM & I'm slowly getting to, what I call, "the sigh", which is when, after arriving home from the road, unpacking & catching up on some computer stuff, I can finally really & truly relax for the 1st time, at which point I give out a really big sigh. (Hence "the sigh" as if you hadn't all ready figured that out). The shows went well & I'm looking forward to some sleep & a couple of non-travel weekends coming up. Here comes the sigh....good night.

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